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Committed to Your Future

Skyway stepped into the business intending to set greater standards for Flight Schools. We work with a core commitment to ensuring your safety and great success as a student, instructor, and in due course, as a successful commercial airline pilot.

From our expertly sustained airline-style dispatching strategies and fleet to our solo flight safety training and flight risk evaluation, our focus on safety is established with each part of our school while being strengthened consistently and examined routinely.

At the point you start looking for a reliable Flight Training School, we can assure you, there is no safer place to train than SkyWay Flight Club.

SkyWay Flight Club is trying to meet each one’s needs by providing flexible payment to help students avoid getting loans at a high interest rate or go into debt. It also provides a flexible schedule to help manage your busy schedule with the flying time. In other words fly in your free time.

Our flight instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced with successful experience in training international and foreign students . The team is ready to give and take our students to their dream carriers. Our students get to work with instructors on one to one settings to insure our students get the attention they deserve and to succeed in their flight training.

SkyWay Flight Club flys piper archer III low wing aircraft that has range 500NM and very well equipped with Garmin 530, IFR rated, auto pilot and is one of the leading aircraft for flight training. The Piper Archer III is cost efficient and has a high standard of reliability.

SkyWay Flight Club is a growing company that has great visions to bring to the industry. The company is working to bring more single and multi engine aircrafts as well as redbird simulators to ensure students get the most out of their flight time. Company is also working to get a CATS testing center as well as PART 141.

SkyWay Flight Club’s Vision

When it comes to flight training, everything is about our students and their quality of training. That is carried out by meshing our principal values into each relationship, ground school, and educational block of becoming a pilot.

SkyWay Flight Club’s Mission

To provide the highest standard to our students.

SkyWay Flight Club’s Goal

To graduate the safest and competent pilot in the aviation industry.

We envision a future of leading professional pilots who are more energetic, more persuasive, and expertly trained as compared to any preceding age of pilots. The entirety of this happens toward the start, and we are enthusiastic about setting up and establishing that infrastructure at SkyWay Flight Club.

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